[Libguestfs] remotely mounting client disks in p2v server

Mo Morsi mmorsi at redhat.com
Fri May 10 12:19:44 UTC 2013

Just spent a little time poking around w/ p2v and am attaching the
following pseudo-code for consideration. Note the patches aren't commit
ready yet, just looking for thoughts

- The first is a fix to get client image building process working on F17.
  It seems the version of ksflatten there didn't expand the nested %includes
  which was causing errors (also --interpreter image-minimizer resulted in errors)

- The next patch adds an option to the ui to allow the user to specify that
  they would like to mount a disk as opposed to copy it to the server. This
  option is currently mutually exclusive w/ the 'convert' checkbox.

  An option still needs to be added to the ui to toggle how to export the
  local disks (nbd, iscsi, etc). Would adding this as a global flag (eg applies
  to all disks) work?

- The next patch stubs out some code which to process the disks for which 'mount'
  was select. The actual calls to export the nbd/iscsi disk have yet to be added
  though the mount command is issued to the server.

- The final patch stubs out the corresponding server side functionality which interprets
  the mount command and includes placeholders to connect to the remote uri locally
  and pass the remote disks onto the converter.

The commands to setup the nbd/iscsi server and client (on the p2v client and server respectively)
are simple enough though I still have to look into how to use the existing ssh tunnel
for security.

Does this looks to be in about the right direction? Other thoughts?


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