[Libvir] support for hvm guests

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at novell.com
Fri Apr 7 22:10:36 UTC 2006


FYI, I'm working on a patch to support hvm guests.  Attached is the work 
thus far.  Calling "virsh dumpxml some_hvm_guest" will (almost) 
correctly dump xml config info on hvm guests.  Needs to handle 
"type=ioemu" component of VIF specification.  Currently in the XML there 
is a type attribute for the interface element that specifies bridge, 
route, etc.  How would you like to structure the interface element and 
its children to account for hvm guests?

Using "virsh create file" where file contains XML config for hvm guests 
may be close to working but I haven't tested it yet.  There are several 
options that need to be added to the XML to support hvm guests.  If we 
can agree on the structure I can add the functionality.

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