[Libvir] Semantics for ListDomains/ ListDefinedDomains

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Wed Aug 23 18:16:45 UTC 2006

So I was thinking a little about lifecycle support for passive domains in
libvirt and wanted to clarify the intended semantics of the two methods:


Am I correct in thinking that  virConnectListDefinedDomains will list a
domain if-and-only-if its state == 'shutoff', and that virConnectListDomains
will list a domain if-and-only-if its state != 'shutoff'

ie, when I start a defined domain with 'virDomainCreate', it will be removed
from the 'ListDefinedDomains' set and added to the 'ListDomains' set. 
Likewise when shutting down it'll move back the other way. Or will the
virConnectListDefinedDomains  call always list a domain with a config
file, even if it is running ?

I realize this is a little hypothetical since XenD doesn't have lifecycle
management yet, but it matters to the test backend, and any potential
QEMU / UML backend, and the future XenD XML-RPC backend

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