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Re: [Libvir] request for libvirt documentation improvement

On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 10:04:51AM +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Philippe Berthault wrote:
> >The documentation of libvirt doesn't indicate which functions are for 
> >Xen or QEMU or both. The only way to know that, is by searching in 
> >libvirt sources.
> >
> >It would be interesting for libvirt users to add in the documentation, 
> >for each function, a mention such as "QEMU only", "Xen(TM) only", "QEMU 
> >and Xen(TM)", etc..
> Thanks for looking into this.
> >Regards.
> >
> >
> >Libvirt 0.2.3 functions dedicated to QEMU only:
> >virConnectListDefinedNetworks
> >virConnectListNetworks
> >virConnectNumOfDefinedNetworks
> >virConnectNumOfNetworks
> The above should work on Xen too ...
> >virNetworkCreate
> >virNetworkCreateXML
> >virNetworkDefineXML
> >virNetworkDestroy
> >virNetworkFree
> >virNetworkGetAutostart
> >virNetworkGetBridgeName
> >virNetworkGetName
> >virNetworkGetUUID
> >virNetworkGetUUIDString
> >virNetworkGetXMLDesc
> >virNetworkLookupByName
> >virNetworkLookupByUUID
> >virNetworkLookupByUUIDString
> >virNetworkSetAutostart
> >virNetworkUndefine
> The network functions currently use the QEMU server.  That's a strange 
> historical artifact that should be removed (or perhaps has been by Dan's 
> patches - I have yet to check them in detail).

Yes, all of the above are implemented in the qemu_driver.c file, however,
the way the drivers are actived means, that they get enabled for use by
Xen too. The key is that 'libvirtd' needs to be running. 

> >Libvirt 0.2.3 functions dedicated to Xen(TM) only:
> >virConnectGetMaxVcpus
> >virConnectGetType

Should both work for QEMU too now.

> >virDomainAttachDevice
> >virDomainDetachDevice

If QEMU/KVM gets suport for paravirt drivers we can implenent this, but
not at this time.

> >virDomainCoreDump

Should implenent for QEMU, though not quite sure how yet

> >virDomainGetMaxMemory

Should implement for QEMU

> >virDomainGetSchedulerParameters
> >virDomainGetSchedulerType
> >virDomainPinVcpu

Can definitely implement these for QEMU

> >virDomainReboot

Can't implement this until KVM/QEMU gets ACPI S5 support

> >virDomainSetMaxMemory
> >virDomainSetMemory

Can only implement these for inactive domains, until KVM/QEMU has a memory 
balloon driver.

> >virDomainSetSchedulerParameters

Can implement this.

> >virDomainSetVcpus

Can only implement this for inactive domains

So we can & should implement most of these for QEMU....

It would still be useful to have a chart describing what APIs are implemented
by which driver though & any restrictions the impl may have.

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