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Schley Andrew Kutz akutz at lostcreations.com
Tue Jan 22 16:31:48 UTC 2008

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Cool. I've been looking at the website and source trying to get a  
handle on the architecture and how to fit in the VI SDK. I would like  
to discuss the possibility of adding a third architecture.

The source for ivi was just committed and is viewable at http://www.lostcreations.com/code/browser/trunk/utilities/com.lostcreations.ivi 
. Bear in mind that this is the first commit. It just allows you to  
connect and list the contents of VMware and Xen servers. As soon as I  
get libvirt compiled and working on my Mac I will replace the XenApi  
java bindings with the libvirt java bindings.

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On Jan 22, 2008, at 10:24 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

> Schley Andrew Kutz wrote:
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>> Does anyone know if there is work being done on a VMware driver? If  
>> not, I could write one. I'm about to release an application via  
>> SearchServerVirtualization called ivi (Java Virtual Interface) that  
>> uses the VI SDK and the XenApi (cannot get libvirt to work on my  
>> dev platform - OS X) to enable management of both VMware VI3 boxes  
>> as well as Xen boxes. I would love to move away from the XenApi to  
>> libvirt, and even more so to extend libvirt to support the VI SDK.
> We've been looking for someone to support VMWare for a long time, so  
> yes this would be very welcome.  To my knowledge no one is doing it  
> at the moment.
> Rich.
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