[Libvir] a couple of questions -Newbie

Spencer Parker inthefridge at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 18:14:05 UTC 2008

I am really excited to start using this, but I have a couple of 
questions about how to use it exactly.  I want to be able to pull a list 
of stats out of my Xen machines.  I need to get something like network 
i/o.  I just need to know how much in and out traffic that a specific 
machine is doing.  I am pretty new to python and to programming in 
general.  I have looked at the APi and stuff like that, but am a little 
confused still on how to actually do this.  Mainly I just need to know 
how to connect to certain things.

Once I have a basic understanding of what is going on then I can take it 
from there.  Thanks for all the help!

Spencer Parker

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