[Libvir] Accessing qemu from windows

Gabriel Kaufmann Gabriel.Kaufmann at ericom.com
Tue Mar 11 11:00:23 UTC 2008


I'm running virsh from linux machine with the URI  qemu+tcp://<user>:<password>@<ip>/system
>From a linux machine  (not the same that runs the libvirtd deamon) with libvirt 0.3.0, this URI allows me to connect.
In the other hand, using the Virsh.exe (that comes with ocaml-libvirt-<http://libvirt.org/sources/ocaml/ocaml-libvirt->  ) on Windows XP, I receive the error
'Virtualization error: libvirt: VIR_ERROR_NO_CONNECT: VIR_FROM_NONE: could not connect to qemu:///system?'

Is it a known bug, or is it configuration problem on my server?

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