>>: [libvirt] OpenVZ capabilites in LibVIRT

Ivan Vovk vovk.is at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 18:17:53 UTC 2008

Hi, Anton.

> You can specify an IP address and a netmask like this:
>> http://libvirt.org/formatnetwork.html#elementsAddress
>> Such bridge will be automatically set up.
- thanks for the hint. I assigned as I don't need IP on bridges at
the moment.

>   2) there is a default network "Default" with enabled 'Autostart'. Is
>>> there any way to remove this network completely?
>>  Yes,
>> # virsh net-destroy defaul
> correct answer is
> # virsh net-undefine default

- you were correct in both cases: you can't undefine active network so it
should be destroyed and after that undefine. So it worked!

> Short answer: it doesn't work now. Wait for nex libvirt release
> (libvirt-4.6-alt2). I will try to make it as soon as possible.
> For details see
>  http://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2008-October/msg00323.html

- yeah, i've already read that thread and known it was a bug. Just needed a
confirmation that it was going to be fixed in next release. So may be my
question will be a bit indelicate, but is there a hope to see this release
by the end of november?

>   5) Is there any way to destroy domain completely like it can be done via
>> 'vzctl destroy <ID>'?
>  Yes,
> # virsh destroy <domain-name>
>>     And here too, if domain was previously defined, command must be:
> # virsh undefine <domain-name>

- got the idea. And noticed the following:

virsh # define ovz.xml
Domain 3005 defined from ovz.xml

virsh # start 3005
Domain 3005 started

virsh # shutdown 3005
Domain 3005 is being shutdown

virsh # undefine 3005
libvir: OpenVZ error : Domain not found
Domain 3005 has been undefined

It really removes domain from file system, but why does it throw that error

 6) Where does libvirt store info about already created domains? I can't
>> create a new domain with ID 3005 after I completely destroy previous one via
>> 'vzctl destroy 3005'.
>  And what does it saying?

- if i simply destroy domain via vzctl (without undefining it via virsh):
[root at alt-03 ~]# vzctl destroy 3005
Destroying container private area: /var/lib/vz/private/3005
Container private area was destroyed

- and then try to create another one (this time via virsh)
virsh # create ovz.xml
libvir: OpenVZ error : operation failed: Already an OPENVZ VM defined with
the id '3005'
error: Failed to create domain from ovz.xml

It seems domain is still defined from LibVirt's point of view but actually
it doesn't exist any more. It was removed via native OpenVZ tool. In case I
try to undefine it:
virsh # undefine 3005
libvir: OpenVZ error : Domain not found
libvir: error : vzctl exited with non-zero status 14 and signal 0
libvir: OpenVZ error : internal error Could not exec vzctl
error: Failed to undefine domain 3005

And from this moment it is imposible to create domain with ID 3005. So how
can I obtain a list of already defined domains? And how can it be purged?

 7) Is there any way to publish domain's console on a host system so that I
> can connect via telnet to HW node on some TCP/4567 and get into domain's
> console?
vzctl enter <domain ID>

- yeah, that for sure is true wheh you are on HW node itself. But I need to
organize access into domain's consoles from remote mashines. In my case
there is no network connectivity between real lan and domains. I believed,
this XML definition could help me:

http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsCharTCP - "*The character
device acts as a TCP client connecting to a remote server, or as a server
waiting for a client connection*", so when you connect to HW node on some
TCP port you get into domain's console. But it seems I got it in a wrong way
because is didn't work in case of OpenVZ.

  P.S. You can ask ALT-specific questions to me directly.

- thanks, will keep that in mind.

Best regards,
Ivan V.
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