[libvirt] PATCH: Fix QEMU/UML use of libnuma

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Fri Nov 28 07:56:57 UTC 2008

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> The 2.x series of numactl releases changed the ABI/API for certain
> libnuma.so functions we use. Fortunately it turns out that they provide
> back-compatability of both ABI and API with a combo of linker script
> magic, and header file inline compat functions. So, all we need todo
> is #define NUMA_VERSION1_COMPATIBILITY before include numa.h in our
> code.
> This new code did, however, expose a bug in our use of the existing
> API. We were calculating size in bytes, instead of size in longs, so
> were passing a buffer that was 8 times to large. Harmless, but the
> new libnuma validates that the buffer is expected size. So this patch
> also fixes us to pass & allocate correct  buffer size. 
> Finally, also add a missing BuildRequire on numactl-devel, and fixes
> the libvirtd automake build dependancy

Yep, all makes sense, and fixes the build for me with numactl-devel installed.  ACK.

Chris Lalancette

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