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[libvirt] Re: Future release schedule

2009/6/16 Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com>:
>  One thing I wonder is about progresses on the ESX driver front, it was
> looking fairly close to be commiteable, basically only XML import/export
> was needed but I didnt see any news recently, Matthias do you have a
> schedule for that missing part ? Any help is needed ?

Well, I was busy with some other parts of the project. Also took care
of some issues with the ESX driver that showed up during tests like
silent session timeouts.

I'm currently checking the VI API to see where to gather the
information for dump-xml, but it seems one needs to read most of it
from the .vmx file of a virtual machine located on the host. Luckily
all files of a virtual machine are readable via HTTP:
http://example-esx-host.com/folder/... So the .vmx file is easily
accessible using libcurl.

Luckily (again) there is some unofficial documentation about the VMX
format available: http://www.sanbarrow.com/vmx.html

Within the next few days I'll post a proposal on how to map a .vmx
file into the libvirt xml representation.

For create-xml the ESX driver would need to write a .vmx file to the
ESX host, because the .vmx file is essential to create a virtual
machine. Luckily (once again) the ESX host allows putting files to
http://example-esx-host.com/folder/... via HTTP.


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