[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: ruby-libvirt bindings 0.2.0

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Thu Jul 1 18:09:25 UTC 2010

Hello all,
     I'm pleased to announce the release of 0.2.0 of the ruby-libvirt bindings.
This release has a number of new features:

- Updated Storage class, implementing pool.active?, pool.persistent?,
- Updated Connect class, implementing conn.node_free_memory,
  conn.node_cells_free_memory, conn.node_get_security_model, conn.encrypted?,
  conn.libversion, and conn.secure?
- Updated Network class, implementing network.active? and network.persistent?
- Update Domain class, implementing conn.domain_xml_from_native,
  conn.domain_xml_to_native, dom.migrate_to_uri, dom.migrate_set_max_downtime,
  dom.managed_save, dom.has_managed_save?, dom.managed_save_remove,
  dom.security_label, dom.block_stats, dom.memory_stats, dom.blockinfo,
  dom.block_peek, dom.memory_peek, dom.active?, dom.persistent?,
  dom.snapshot_create_xml, dom.num_of_snapshots, dom.list_snapshots,
  dom.lookup_snapshot_by_name, dom.has_current_snapshot?,
  dom.revert_to_snapshot, dom.current_snapshot, snapshot.xml_desc,
  snapshot.delete, dom.job_info, and dom.abort_job
- Implementation of the NodeDevice class
- Implementation of the Secret class
- Implementation of the NWFilter class
- Implementation of the Interface class
- Conversion of the development tree to git
- New maintainer (me).  David Lutterkort has agreed to transfer maintainership
  of the bindings over to me, since he is not actively involved in their
  development anymore.

With the above list, almost all of the APIs up to and including libvirt 0.8.1
are covered.  There are a few that I have not yet had time to implement; you
can look at the list of FIXMEs in the source code to find them.

I've uploaded new tarballs and source RPMs to: http://libvirt.org/ruby/download/
The new git repo is here: http://libvirt.org/git/?p=ruby-libvirt.git;a=summary
The documentation for the new API's are here: http://libvirt.org/ruby/api/index.html

If you have time, and are interested in the bindings, please give these new
ones a whirl and let me know if they work for you.  As usual, if you have
any questions, problems, patches, or bug reports, feel free to email the
libvirt development list (and CC me) so that I can take a look at them.

Chris Lalancette

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