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[libvirt] Modules executed during Live Migration of Virtual machines

I am trying to write the patch file for live migration which uses UDP as the transport protocol.

---So I prepare to edit the existing API which uses the TCP as the transport protocol for the migration.I want to know the modules executing during live migration in current libvirt.(I m using ubuntu10.10 as the guest and suitable latest version of libvirt)

----If any document which clearly shows the actual migration process. I mean which are the functions called during live migration and how the data flow occurs between the two physical machines or the hypervisor.

--In LAN the UDP  can be used for the live migration as the loss of packets and collision of packets are negligibly less.

--Even RUDP can also be used instead of TCP, as RUDP is reliable.

--The complete set of the code which responsible for live migration is required where I can get that..?

Thanks and Regards
Prakash H.R
M.Tech Student at RVCE, Bangalore

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