[libvirt] [PATCH 07/12] apparmor, libvirt-qemu: add default pki path of lbvirt-spice

intrigeri intrigeri+libvirt at boum.org
Wed Dec 20 09:45:08 UTC 2017

Jamie Strandboge:
>> +  # for use by libvirt-spice (LP: #1690140)
>> +  /etc/pki/libvirt-spice/ r,
>> +  /etc/pki/libvirt-spice/** r,

> +1 to apply

+1 as well, although I'd prefer some minor refactoring to merge this
with the 2 already existing libvirt-vnc PKI sections (that were added
in two different places in the file 7 years apart, but apparently are
about the exact same use case).

Something like this should allow replacing these two existing sections
and the third one you're proposing we add:

  # for use by libvirt-vnc and libvirt-spice (LP: #901272, #1690140)
  /etc/pki/CA/ r,
  /etc/pki/CA/* r,
  /etc/pki/libvirt{,-spice,-vnc}/ r,
  /etc/pki/libvirt{,-spice,-vnc}/** r,

What do you think?


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