[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: libvirt 3.2.1 maintenance release

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Thu May 11 13:56:14 UTC 2017

libvirt 3.2.1 is now available. This is a maintenance release of
libvirt 3.2 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


Changes in this version:

* spec: Update version check for maint Source URL
* mdev: Cleanup code after commits @daf5081b and @2739a983
* Don't use ceph-devel on Fedora
* mdev: Fix mingw build by adding a check for non-NULL pointer
* client: Report proper close reason
* qemu: Fix persistent migration of transient domains
* Fix padding of encrypted data
* network: better log message when network is inactive during reconnect
* qemu: don't kill qemu process on restart if networkNotify fails
* conf: format only relevant attributes for graphics based on listen type
* qemu: Move freeing of PCI address list to qemuProcessStop
* qemu: process: Clean up priv->migTLSAlias
* qemu: process: Don't leak priv->usbaddrs after VM restart
* qemu: process: Clean automatic NUMA/cpu pinning information on shutdown
* qemu: Remove extra messages for vhost-scsi hotplug
* qemu: Remove extra messages from virtio-scsi hotplug
* qemu: Check return code from qemuHostdevPrepareSCSIDevices
* qemu: numa: Don't return automatic nodeset for inactive domain
* qemu: Ignore missing query-migrate-parameters
* daemon: Fix domain name leak in error path
* qemu: fix argument of virDomainNetGetActualDirectMode
* rpc: fix keep alive timer segfault
* util: allow ignoring SIOCSIFHWADDR when errno is EPERM
* util: check ifa_addr pointer before accessing its elements
* Increase default task limit for libvirtd
* Fix error reporting when poll returns POLLHUP/POLLERR
* spec: Avoid RPM verification errors on nwfilter XMLs
* xenconfig: avoid double free on OOM testing
* xenFormatXLDomainDisks: avoid double free on OOM testing
* virConfSaveValue: protect against a NULL pointer reference
* conf: Add check for non scsi_host parent during vport delete
* util: Fix resource leak
* test: Remove unused variate @maxcpu in testDomainGetVcpus
* esx: Fix memory leak
* esx: Fix incorrect memory compare size in esxStoragePoolLookupByUUID
* qemu: snapshot: Skip empty drives with internal snapshots
* qemu: do not crash on USB address with no port and invalid bus
* man: Align vol-resize arguments with the output of help
* qemu: conf: Don't leak snapshot image format conf variable
* qemu: Fix mdev checking for VFIO support
* util: systemd: Don't strlen a possibly NULL string
* interface: Fix resource leak in netcfConnectListAllInterfaces error path
* virsh: don't leak @cpumap in virshVcpuPinQuery
* tests: fix some resource leaks
* rpc: fix resource leak
* src: fix multiple resource leaks in loops
* conf/domain_capabilities: fix resource leak
* qemu: Fix two use-after-free situations
* disk: Force usage of parted when checking disk format for "bsd"
* disk: Resolve issues with disk partition build/start checks
* conf: create new RemovalFailed event using correct class
* qemu: fix memory leak and check mdevPath
* qemu: Properly reset TLS in qemuProcessRecoverMigrationIn
* Properly ignore files in build-aux directory
* conf: Fix possible memleak in capabilities
* Split out -Wframe-larger-than warning from WARN_CLFAGS
* virISCSIGetSession: Don't leak memory
* virStorageSourceClear: Don't leave dangling pointers behind
* qemu: Break endless loop if qemuMigrationResetTLS fails
* storage: gluster: Implement 'checkPool' method so that state is restored
* docs: Document limitation of maximum vcpu count used with <topology>
* qemu: Fix resource leak in qemuDomainAddChardevTLSObjects error path
* qemu: Initialize 'data' argument
* storage: util: Pass pool type to virStorageBackendFindGlusterPoolSources
* util: ignore -Wcast-align in virNetlinkDumpCommand
* qemu: hotplug: Clear vcpu ordering for coldplug of vcpus
* qemu: hotplug: Fix formatting strings in
* qemu: hotplug: Iterate over vcpu 0 in individual vcpu hotplug code
* qemu: Add device id for mediated devices on qemu command line
* storage: Fix capacity value for LUKS encrypted volumes
* virNetDevIPCheckIPv6ForwardingCallback fixes
* storage: driver: Remove unavailable transient pools after restart
* storage: driver: Split out code fixing pool state after deactivation
* storage: backend: Use correct stringifier for pool type
* mdev: Fix daemon crash on domain shutdown after reconnect
* util: mdev: Use a local variable instead of a direct pointer access
* qemu: Fix regression when hyperv/vendor_id feature is used
* vz: fix typo that breaks build

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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