[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: libvirt 2.2.1 maintenance release

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Thu May 11 13:56:18 UTC 2017

libvirt 2.2.1 is now available. This is a maintenance release of
libvirt 2.2 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


Changes in this version:

* spec: Avoid RPM verification errors on nwfilter XMLs
* qemu_process: spice: don't release used port
* qemu: Fix crash during qemuStateCleanup
* daemon: Fix crash during daemon cleanup
* Fix crash on usb-serial hotplug
* qemuBuildMemoryBackendStr: Don't crash if no hugetlbfs is mounted
* util: fix crash in virClassIsDerivedFrom for CloseCallbacks objects
* storage: driver: Remove unavailable transient pools after restart
* storage: driver: Split out code fixing pool state after deactivation
* qemu: Don't assume secret provided for LUKS encryption
* conf: do not steal pointers from the pool source
* schema: do not require name for certain pool types
* virtlogd: Don't stop or restart along with libvirtd
* virtlogd.socket: Tie lifecycle to libvirtd.service
* spec: Update version check for maint Source URL
* qemu: capabilities: Don't partially reprope caps on process reconnect
* network: fix endless loop when starting network with multiple IPs and no
* qemu: allow 32 slots on pcie-expander-bus, not just 1
* qemu: Only use memory-backend-file with NUMA if needed

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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