[libvirt] [PATCH] CI: also run tests using updated distro(s)

Claudio André claudioandre.br at gmail.com
Wed May 31 15:00:40 UTC 2017

Em 31/05/2017 04:12, Martin Kletzander escreveu:
>> Without -qq is much worse. We can:
>> 1. collapse as seen above;
>> 2. redirect stdout to /dev/null (I mean, there is no important
>> information here).
>> I prefer (and use) #2.
> either -qq collapsed or just put it to /dev/null.  I don't care which
> one, if there is a problem with the installation it will be in stderr
> anyway.
>> The silent_if_passes() has some drawbacks.
> Sure, I didn't know you can collapse part of the output of one command
> and that was the first idea that came to my mind.
> So the link shows the output with the current patch?

This is the output of the current patch: 
- everything passes (including Ubuntu 17.04)
- folded 'autogen'
- apt-get redirecting stdout to dev/null
- precise (gcc + clang) - (note: libvirt master builds only for clang)
- trusty (gcc + clang)
- OSX with more than 10000 lines (note: this already happens in libvirt 

So, you now have 2+2+1+2 builds. The current patch follows ASAP.

Thank you

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