libvirt 6.4.0 is available

Daniel Veillard veillard at
Tue Jun 2 10:14:28 UTC 2020

  I made the release earlier, it is tagged in git and signed source
tarball and rpm are available at the usual place:

I didn't push an RC2 this week end as there was no code change from RC1
only a bug fix made its way yesterday. I also pushed a python binding
6.4.0 release that can be found at:

There isn't that much detail about the release in the news file,
obviously a decent amount of bug fixes and improvements though:


- qemu: stricter validation for disk type='lun'
  The 'lun' type is meant for SCSI command passthrough, which can't be
  achieved if qemu's block layer features are used. Disk type='lun' is
  now allowed only when the format is 'raw' and no other block layer
  features are requested.

Bug fixes:

- qemu: fixed regression in network device hotplug with new qemu versions
  Starting from QEMU-5.0 it's required to conform to strict schema when
  hotplugging network devices. Libvirt didn't conform to the schema so in
  versions prior to 6.4.0 network device hotplug fails in certain cases.
  This version fixes it and adds stricter testing to prevent further

 Thanks everybody for your help with this release,

   enjoy and stay safe !


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