Multiple video elements lead to erratic mouse behavior through spice

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at
Wed Jun 10 14:29:36 UTC 2020


> In my original case I wanted to take away the QXL device, to jst keep the
> Mdev as one screen (and the one I really want).
> But due to [1] the video section is re-added automatically.

<model type='none'/> ?

> P.S. I tried VNC but that just has "other" issues. It only shows 1 of 2
> displays and on the one I see over amplifies the mouse movement by the
> amount the other display adds to ther overall desktop size.

vnc has hotkeys (ctrl-alt-<nr>) to switch between displays.

You can also pin the vnc server to one specific display (-device
qxl,id=video0 -vnc :0,display=video0).  That is probably easiest if you
want use one of them only anyway.  If you configure the guests xorg
server to only use that display the mouse should behave too.

It's also possible to configure multiple vnc servers and assign a
different display to each of them, then start two vnc clients to see
both displays side-by-side.  mouse configuration is quite tricky then

take care,

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