Libvirt Open Source Contribution

Michal Privoznik mprivozn at
Wed Sep 16 09:35:28 UTC 2020

On 9/15/20 10:39 PM, Barrett J Schonefeld wrote:
> Hey libvirt team,
> We (Ryan Gahagan, Dustan Helm, and Barrett Schonefeld) are computer 
> science students at the University of Texas at Austin. We are taking a 
> course in virtualization, and we’d like to contribute to the libvirt 
> repository as part of this course. Here are the issues we are most 
> interested in:
> <>
> Additionally, we would like to take a look at issue 4 
> ( 
> <>), the UDP slowdown for 
> QEMU. We expect issue 4 to be more time-intensive, and we would like to 
> communicate with you to ensure we’re solving the problem effectively.
> Our course only runs until the end of the fall semester, so our time to 
> contribute to this project is somewhat limited. If you think any of the 
> issues we picked would be too difficult to accomplish during that time 
> frame, we would appreciate alternative suggestions. We really hope to 
> contribute to this project and help make improvements where we can.


it's always nice to see people interested in libvirt.

Another area that I can offer (not listed on the issues page) is writing 
virsh completers. These are callback functions which are run when a user 
hits <TAB><TAB>, for instance:

   virsh start --domain<TAB><TAB>

brings up a list of shut off guests. It's really regular autocompletion 
like we're used to from bash and/or other projects.

I'd say writing a completer is more beneficial if one wants to learn how 
to use libvirt public APIs because that's basically what a completer 
callback does. I've reviewed some completer patches recently:

I'm happy to help,


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