Ceph RBD Connection

Mr. Gecko grmrgecko at gmail.com
Sat May 22 20:31:56 UTC 2021


I setup a Ceph Cluster on my system in hopes of using it with libvirtd, 
however I'm finding myself unable to have libvirtd make the connection.

[root at server ~]# virsh pool-start "${CEPH_POOL}"
error: Failed to start pool libvirt-pool
error: failed to connect to the RADOS monitor on: localhost:6789,: No 
such file or directory

I know that rbd is working as I am able to use it with the rbd utility.

[root at server ~]# rbd list libvirt-pool
[root at server ~]# rbd device map libvirt-pool/Kolab
[root at server ~]# lsblk /dev/rbd0
rbd0     253:0    0  20G  0 disk
├─rbd0p1 253:1    0   1G  0 part
└─rbd0p2 253:2    0  19G  0 part

The libvirtd logs are not providing any useful information on the issue, 
I tried changing log-level to 1 and enabling the log_filters/adding 
"1:rbd" to the log filters.

I have tried both the libvirt version 7.3.0 in my repository and the 
bleeding edge with a compile from git. Both returns the same error.

Any help in troubleshooting this issue? I'm somewhat new when it comes 
to all of this.

Thank you,

James Coleman

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