Release of libvirt-8.1.0

Jiri Denemark jdenemar at
Tue Mar 1 09:18:25 UTC 2022

The 8.1.0 release of both libvirt and libvirt-python is tagged and
signed tarballs and source RPMs are available at

Thanks everybody who helped with this release by sending patches,
reviewing, testing, or providing feedback. Your work is greatly

* New features

  * qemu: Add hvf domain type for Hypervisor.framework

    It works on Intel machines as well as recent machines powered by Apple
    Silicon. QEMU 6.2.0 is needed for Apple Silicon support.

  * qemu: Support mode option for dirtyrate calculation

    Introduce ``virDomainDirtyRateCalcFlags`` as parameter of
    ``virDomainStartDirtyRateCalc``, which is used to specify the mode of
    dirty page rate calculation.

    Add ``--mode`` option to ``virsh domdirtyrate-calc``, which can be
    either of the following 3 options:
    ``page-sampling, dirty-bitmap, dirty-ring``.

    Add ``calc_mode`` field for dirtyrate statistics returned by
    ``virsh domstats --dirtyrate``, also add ``vCPU dirtyrate`` if
    ``dirty-ring`` mode was used in last measurement.

* Improvements

  * packaging: sysconfig files no longer installed

    libvirt used to provide defaults in various /etc/sysconfig/ files, such
    as /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd. Since these files are owned by the admin, this
    made it difficult to change built-in defaults in case such file was
    modified by the admin. The built-in defaults are now part of the provided
    systemd unit files, such as libvirtd.service. These unit files continue
    to parse sysconfig files, in case they are created by the admin and filled
    with the desired key=value pairs.

  * virnetdev: Ignore EPERM on implicit clearing of VF VLAN ID

    Libvirt will now ignore EPERM errors on attempts to implicitly clear a
    VLAN ID (when a VLAN is not explicitly provided via an interface XML
    using a 0 or a non-zero value) as SmartNIC DPUs do not expose VLAN
    programming capabilities to the hypervisor host. This allows Libvirt
    clients to avoid specifying a VLAN and expect VF configuration to work
    since Libvirt tries to clear a VLAN in the same operation
    as setting a MAC address for VIR_DOMAIN_NET_TYPE_HOSTDEV devices which
    is now split into two distinct operations. EPERM errors received while
    trying to program a non-zero VLAN ID or explicitly program a VLAN ID 0
    will still cause errors as before so there is no change in behavior
    in those cases.

* Bug fixes

  * Remove unix sockets from filesystem when disabling a '.socket' systemd unit

    The presence of the socket files is used by our remote driver to determine
    which service to access. Since neiter systemd nor the daemons clean up the
    socket file clients were running into problems when a modular deployment was
    switched to monolithic ``libvirtd``.

  * qemu: Fixes of fd passing during hotplug and hotunplug of chardevs

    FDs used as chardev backing are now properly removed when hot-unplugging
    a chardev from qemu and hotplugged chardevs now properly use ``virtlogd``
    to handle the input and output from qemu.

  * RPM: Run pre/post-install steps on ``daemon-driver-storage-core``

    Previously the pre/post-install code was part of the meta-package which
    installed all storage driver sub-packages thus a minimalistic install
    of the storage driver didn't behave correctly.



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