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[Libvirt-announce] ANNOUNCE: libvirt maintenance release

libvirt maintenance release is now available. This is
libvirt 0.10.2 with additional bugfixes that have accumulated
upstream since the initial release.

This release can be downloaded at:


Changes in this version:

* esx: Fix and improve esxListAllDomains function
* Fix parsing of SELinux ranges without a category
* Separate MCS range parsing from MCS range checking
* Fix memory leak on OOM in virSecuritySELinuxMCSFind
* qemu: Set migration FD blocking
* build: further fixes for broken if_bridge.h
* build: work around broken kernel header
* Fix SELinux security label test
* libxl: Fix setting of disk backend
* util: Fix mask for private address range
* conf: don't fail to parse <boot> when parsing a single device
* Support custom 'svirt_tcg_t' context for TCG based guests
* uml: Report error if inotify fails on driver startup (cherry picked
  from commit 7b97030ad430eb76fcc333652411208fb702e962)
* daemon: Preface polkit error output with 'polkit:'
* spec: Fix script warning when uninstalling libvirt-client

For info about past maintenance releases, see:



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