[Libvirt-announce] Release of libvirt-5.8.0

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Sat Oct 5 08:15:43 UTC 2019

  So it's out, a bit late but better than never, without release notes
but after all everything is described in the commits, so here is a very
raw 5.8.0 release, it's tagged in git and signed sources and tarball
are available at the usual place:


I also made python binding release that you can find at:


 So the only thing listed in the release notes is

Removed features:

- Remove xenapi driver
  The xenapi driver is removed since it has not received any significant
  development since its initial contribution nine years ago and has no
  known user base.

Glancing at the commit list, there is a lot of refactoring going on
which I assume don't have any visible user impact.
I would suggest users look at the new development strategy document,

TBH since I started the project 14 or so years ago the core assumption
have been kept, but this indicates willingness to change some of the
directions by the current group of developers, one of the key point is
articulated there:

 "There is thus a desire to make use of either Rust or Go, or a
combination of both, to incrementally replace existing use of C,
and also for greenfield development."

 So if anybody mourns the absence of the release note for 5.8.0, I suggest
to instead takes the couple of minutes it takes to read the above page,
that will be well invested time !

  Enjoy the release !


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