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Re: [libvirt-users] with current libvirt git virsh expects vbox, refuses kvm define

2011/7/27 Whit Blauvelt <whit virt transpect com>:
>> What's the output of "# virsh -V" on your second ubuntu box? I guess
>> your libvirt on that box might not be compiled with qemu driver.
> # virsh -V
> Virsh command line tool of libvirt 0.9.3 ...
> Compiled with support for:
>  Hypervisors: QEmu/KVM UML OpenVZ VirtualBox LXC ESX Test
>  Networking: Remote Daemon Network Bridging Nwfilter VirtualPort
>  Storage: Dir Filesystem SCSI Multipath LVM
>  Miscellaneous: SELinux Secrets Debug Readline
>> Another possiablity is the libvirt is compiled with both qemu driver and
>> vbox driver, but when you try to creat a new connection, vbox was the
>> first succesfully connected one. In this case, you can try like below:
> Why? Ah, I do have a couple stray vbox processes somehow:
> root     25265  0.0  0.1  86076  4304 ?        S    19:34   0:00 /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxXPCOMIPCD
> root     25274  0.0  0.1 209964  6672 ?        Sl   19:34   0:02 /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxSVC --pipe 4 --auto-shutdown
> But that should cause it to deny it knows how to handle Qemu/KVM?

The point is that libvirt autodetects the available hypervisors at
runtime when you don't specify a connection URI. For example, just
running virsh results in autodetecting VirtualBox because you have it
installed in a way that it's still working and due to the way libvirt
works internally VirtualBox comes before QEMU in the autodetection

>> # virsh -c qemu:///sytem list --all
> Okay, that one works.

Here you're telling libvirt to connect to QEMU explicitly, that's why
it doesn't do autodetection here.

The initial "error: internal error unexpected domain type kvm,
expecting vbox" you saw was added recently to prevent incompatible
driver/config combinations. In you're case it highlighted that
autodetection didn't work for you as expected.

Matthias Bolte

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