[libvirt-users] libvirt boots from Knoppix-CD but not Debian-CD

Christian Brandt brandtc at psi5.com
Sun May 29 18:57:49 UTC 2011

Problem solved, the solution:

Don't trust labels on disks. They often mix up architectures.

Don't trust labels on computers. They often do not only mix up
architectures but also send you into login into a virtual engine instead
of the real engine.

Don't trust jigdoed ISO-Images. Stupid people will have done stupid
things to the data before mkisofs, including but not limited to mixing
up architectures.

Final though: Even if your internet line is only 128kBit always download
official images.

Christian Brandt

 life is short and in most cases it ends with death
 but my tombstone will carry the hiscore

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