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[libvirt-users] using virsh (or something) to convert from KVM domain XML to vmx...

HI folks,

For reasons I'd rather not go into (not my choice) we are moving our current virtual servers at the uni here, (using KVM and libvirt) to outsourced vmware ESX and vcenter.

I really don't want to use the Vcenter Converter to create running esx vm's from within the KVM VM's as I feel that doing it within the client VM is inefficient and slow. Thus far however, I've not found anything that gives me any other alternatives.

I thought perhaps the domxml-to-native virsh function demo'd at http://libvirt.org/drvesx.html#xmlexport would be the go, but that appears to be just a way to change from libvirt managed esx to native vmx.

Converting the KVM raw img files to vmdk has been easy, converting the KVM domain XML to vmx appears to be impossible unless you do it by hand.

Have I missed some cool/feature that would do this?

Apologies if I'm going about this all wrong, What I know about vmware, I could write on the head of a pin with a felt tip pen..

kindest regards


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