[libvirt-users] Passing dhcp-options

Michael Hierweck team at edv-serviceteam.net
Wed May 9 06:35:15 UTC 2012


I'm running some Windows clients inside KVM virtual maschines managed by
libvirt. These clients are managed by a Samba 3 PDC. Therefore the DHCP
needs so supply corresponding WINS server (dhcp option 44) not only IP
address and DNS server.

Is it possible to make dnsmasq driven by libvirt to supply custom dhcp

I would appreciate something like this in the network.xml:

<range [...] />
<option key="key1">value1</option>
<option key="key2">value2</option>

Is there any other solution? Using DHCP to configure clients does not
make sense when parts (WINS) of the IP configurations need to be hard
coded in the clients.

Thanks in advance


EDV-Serviceteam Annika & Michael Hierweck GbR
Egerstraße 53, 44225 Dortmund (Germany)

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