[libvirt-users] F14->F16 Upgrade Results in Win2003 Server Client BSOD 0x7f

Thomas J. Baker tjb at unh.edu
Wed May 9 12:11:37 UTC 2012


I upgraded my kvm server from Fedora 14 to Fedora 16 and the only casualty was a Windows 2003 Server client that will no longer boot with and produces a BSOD. I admittedly know very little about Windows and this VM has been around - real hardware -> Parallels on a Mac -> linux kvm but it was working fine under Fedora 14. The client does boot fine under safe mode but anything higher than that (even safe mode with networking) results in the BSOD. I've tried explicitly setting the network driver to rtl8139 in virt-manager which appears to be what it was under F14 but it didn't help. Neither did just removing the NIC under Device Manager and letting it get recognized again. 

As you can guess given the description, this crusty old Win2003 server instance has some worth in that recreating it is very undesirable for all involved. I'd appreciate any tips on getting it working again.


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