[libvirt-users] [libvirt] can not create "qcow2" format volume by Java library.

Claudio Bley cbley at av-test.de
Tue Nov 6 08:45:29 UTC 2012


At Tue, 30 Oct 2012 16:03:42 +0800,
zhijun liu wrote:
> hi,all,
> when I use Java library to create volume ,specified format "qcow2",
> but when I check it use qemu-img info ,it show format is "raw".。

More info please. What exactly did you do? Does it work when you do it
manually using virsh?

You have qemu-img installed, right?

> I think it a bug,can you fix it .. thanks very much.

I cannot reproduce your problem using libvirt 0.9.12. So, either this
has been already fixed or you should try to better describe your
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