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[libvirt-users] [LXC][Openstack] Clarifications needed on usage of libvirt-lxc for openstack

Hi everyone,

I've some doubts regarding the usage/working of libvirt-lxc with openstack. I'm doing a project titled "Low density virtualization for Storage cloud"

1. Can i use libvirt for lxc with Openstack swift alone (excluding nova, glance and keystone)? If no what other openstack components should i use for virtualization? (Is it necessary to install openstack nova to do virtualization with libvirt-lxc?)

2. How virtualization for storage services work ? Any good articles.

3. I want to set up a cloud storage environment with low density virtualization ie lxc. I'm using Openstack swift (Object storage) for storage services. I want to virtualize this. Few resources on how i can do this using libvirt-lxc?

Best Regards,

Sujay M
Final year B.Tech
Computer Engineering
NITK Surathkal

contact: +918971897571

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