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[libvirt-users] Get data of Physical Machine


What kind of data de NodeInfo represents? With my researches I thought that it should return the data of the physical machine. But in my tests, when I run with diferents URLs in Connect creation the values of nodeInfo variables are differents. For example: it's the same machine, but if I run with xen:/// the memory is X and if I run with qemu:///session the memory is Y.

Connect conn = new Connect("xen:///", false);
NodeInfo nodeInfo = conn.nodeInfo();

assertEquals("nodeInfo.model", "i686", nodeInfo.model);
assertEquals("nodeInfo.memory", 3145728, nodeInfo.mhz);
assertEquals("nodeInfo.cpus", 16, nodeInfo.cpus);
assertEquals("nodeInfo.cpus", 16, nodeInfo.maxCpus());
assertEquals("nodeInfo.nodes", 2, nodeInfo.nodes);
assertEquals("nodeInfo.sockets", 2, nodeInfo.sockets);
assertEquals("nodeInfo.cores", 2, nodeInfo.cores);
assertEquals("nodeInfo.threads", 2, nodeInfo.threads);

Another question is how can I connect with XenServer, the native hypervisor? Is it the same driver for Xen?


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