[libvirt-users] Specify hard disk type (immutable) in the domain.xml file

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Fri Oct 24 14:45:24 UTC 2014

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> I'm using libvirt withVirtual Box. I have installed libvirt 0.10.2 and Virtual Box 4.1.
> I want to use "virsh define"to define my Virtual Box virtual machine. My question is:
> In my domain.xml, how can Ispecify that my hard disk is of type immutable/ multi attach etc. Can I use som kind oftag or attribute, something like this:
>  <disk type='file'device='disk'> <sourcefile='/path/to/my/file.vdi'/> <target dev='hda'bus='ide'/> <type>immutable</type> </disk>
> In the domain.xml is it possible to specifythe path to my folder where I have my snapshot.vdi file?

Doesn't this do it (at least, it works for qemu):

<disk ...>
  <source ...>

since a readonly disk is immutable to the guest.

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