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> Hi all,

[your 800k .bmp file prevented your message from getting through the
mailing list filter, which caps mail around 100k for a reason.  Please,
just describe your problem in plain text, or if you MUST point people to
a screenshot, have your email simply contain a URL to a dropbox
containing the screenshot, rather than sending it directly to the list.
Also, .bmp is a lousy format; .png sends just as much information in a
much smaller file size]

> It seems no matter how many vCPU I allocated to the VM, the auto-generated vCPU pinning configuration won't cover more than 8 CPUs. Is that normal? Otherwise what should I do? Will vCPU pinning by virsh be more effective?

virt-manager tries to be a gui wrapper around the same API as you can
access directly via virsh; but sometimes virt-manager lags behind.  Try
doing it directly with virsh, to see if what you are attempting is even
supported by libvirt and is just waiting on virt-manager to catch up.

> Regards,
> Allen
> 2014-10-28
> Allen Qiu

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