[libvirt-users] libvirt and VMWare Workstation Shared Server mode (of GSX history)

vincent at cojot.name vincent at cojot.name
Thu May 21 20:53:08 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I searched previous postings and I couldn't find a definitive answer on 

I run a small lab of RHEL/Centos Based servers on which there's VMWare 
Workstation running on a non-standard port but still manageable by tools 
like VMrun (and the Fusion of Workstation GUI, of course).

I'm trying to use virsh with this setup and getting the following error 
from both RHEL6 and RHEL7:

$ virsh -c esx://user1@server1:943/?no_verify=1
Enter user1's password for server1:
error: internal error Expecting product 'gsx' or 'esx' or 'embeddedEsx' or 'vpx' but found 'ws'
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

I tried 'gsx' as a type too but to no avail.
The mode that I'm using is called by vmware a 'ws-shared' mode..:

$ /usr/bin/vmrun -T ws-shared -h https://localhost:943/sdk -u user1
Host password:
Total registered VMs: 35
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS41_node1/VCS4.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS41_node2/VCS4.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS41_node3/VCS4.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS41_node4/VCS4.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS51_node1/VCS5.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS51_node2/VCS5.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS51_node3/VCS5.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS51_node4/VCS5.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] DOS622/dos.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] Solaris8/solaris8.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] Solaris10/solaris10.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS60_node1/VCS6.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] VCS60_node2/VCS6.vmx
[ha-datacenter/standard] MacOSX_107/Mac_OS_X_Lion.vmx

Would that be something easy to hack/add for the libvirt versions I'm 
using? (RHEL6/7) even if this means recompiling some src.rpms..

Any suggestions?


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