[libvirt-users] Telling virt-manager to re-read ~/.gconf in RHEL 6

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Tue Nov 10 06:00:01 UTC 2015

Hi all,

  I've written a tool that configured Virtual Machine Manager, but I've
got a condition that I am now sure how to handle...

  If the user isn't logged in and I configure their
~/.gconf/apps/virt-manager/*, and then they log in, everything works
great. However, if they've already logged in and there was no prior
virt-manager configuration, the custom config is overwritten and lost
when the user logs out.

  Similarly, if VMM is closed, I write the config and then they open VMM
(again, having logged into gnome where there was no
~/.gconf/apps/virt-manager), it acts like there is no configuration (it
tries to auto-connect to localhost and doesn't show the remote machines).

  I am guessing this behaviour is a because VMM doesn't check it's
configuration file after logging into gnome (either at all, or at least
when there was no config at gnome login).

  Is there a way I can tell virt-manager to re-check the config?


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