[libvirt-users] How can openstack retrieve the CPU usage of a lxc via libvirt?

WANG Cheng D Cheng.d.Wang at alcatel-sbell.com.cn
Tue Dec 6 08:34:22 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I want to have a view of lxc CPU usage in openstack Dashboard. According the Openstack official site , Openstack Ceilometer can poll libvirt daemon to obtain CPU usage of a virtual machine. I tried the command locally on the libvirtd host "virsh -c lxc:/// domjobinfo", I got an error "error: this function is not supported by the connection driver: virDomainGetJobInfo"

I am not sure if Openstack Ceilometer can retrieve the CPU usage of a linux container, if it can, which virsh command or API should be used to this?

Thank you for your response in advance.
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