[libvirt-users] Both virsh console logging and pty usage

David Caro dcaro at redhat.com
Wed Feb 3 08:54:19 UTC 2016

On 02/02 13:30, Peter Steele wrote:
> I wrote a piece of code recently that monitors the consoles of the VMs and
> while no one is attached to the console, it throws away the buffer as any
> text appears. If someone *is* attached, it leaves it alone. It wouldn't be
> hard to modify the code to save the console text to a file instead of
> throwing it away. If you are interested, I can post the code.

I'd be quite interested in that code too :), I've started playing with the
console myself

> Peter
> On 02/02/2016 07:36 AM, Carlos Godoy wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am trying to set my VMs for redirecting their consoles to a file but its
> >important to keep the virsh console access to solve any problem I can find
> >while they are running. I tried several settings through libvirt (serial
> >and console tags) but I can not get the key.
> >
> >Any suggestion? Any help?
> >
> >Many thanks in advance.
> >Carlos G.
> >
> >
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