[libvirt-users] [netcf-devel] Re: Error when creating bridge with virt-manager

Laine Stump laine at laine.org
Thu Feb 4 21:28:27 UTC 2016

On 02/04/2016 02:47 PM, Niccolò Belli wrote:
> Thanks, selecting "Specify shared device name" worked flawlessly!
> One more question: often I work with virtual machines with public ip 
> addresses and routed networking (not bridges!), how can I achieve it 
> with Arch and virt-manager?

If you want to create a completely separate subnet contained within the 
host, and have all traffic to/from the outside routed via the host's IP 
stack, define a libvirt network, setup the IP subnet you want for the 
network, then in the final screen select "Forwarding to physical 
network", Destination: "Any physical device", Mode: "Routed". Once 
you've started this network, it will appear in the list of possible 
connections for a guest's network interfaces. Note that you will need to 
teach the rest of the network to forward packets for this new subnet to 
the host's physical ethernet IP (but if you're specifically asking for a 
routed network, then you likely already know this (either that or I've 
misunderstood your question) :-)

You can see more info about the possible types of networks here:


I've set Reply-To: in this message to libvirt-users at redhat.com. It 
really is a more appropriate place for these questions, as the netcf 
mailing list deals specifically with the netcf library, which isn't 
involved in any of the things we're discussing here.

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