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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt-lxc: good for production?

On 04/03/2017 04:02 AM, Spike wrote:
Dear all,

I'm a happy lxc (lxd) user with a need to add a bunch of KVM images to the
mix. More importantly I need to have some simple frontend to give users the
ability to quickly run some VMs for testing.

Researching the topic brought me to virt-manager and from there libvirt.
I've had however a hard time to answer a few questions that I hope this
list can help me with:

1) is the libvirt-lxc driver actively developed? there's been a lot of
upgrades to lxc and there seems to be relatively little activity on the lxc

Yes it is. I don't know what are the features that lxc-tools introduced and looking into their news files it seems like they are mostly fixing bugs rather than introducing new functionality. Moreover, lxc-tools come with some infrastructure (e.g. prepared images for containers). Libvirt doesn't have those.

2) is libvirt-lxc to be used in production to begin with? every single
guide I found about libvirt pretty much points to KVM usage, with simple
/bin/sh examples with lxc.  Furthermore stuff like virt-install seems to be
exclusively catered to full os/KVM images creation, with no obvious way to
create a container image.

That's because KVM (well, qemu) is our most intense developed driver. But LXC gets some attention too. I think it is production ready and if you give it some testing you'll find the same.


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