[libvirt-users] virsh confirmed edits do not persist

Josh Mcneil josh at mcneilio.com
Thu Feb 21 13:16:33 UTC 2019

Thanks Ján!

>What were the exact changes you were trying to make?

I was following this guide:

Specifically, I was updating the domain tag to include `xmlns:qemu='

>both call virDomainDefineXMLFlags under the hood.

That is good to know, thanks for the explanation.

I appreciate the help, if you have any suggestions I'm happy to hear them


On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 2:16 AM Ján Tomko <jtomko at redhat.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 01:06:48AM -0500, Josh Mcneil wrote:
> >This may be user error, I am new to libvirt.
> >
> Welcome,
> >I am using libvirt 5.0.0. I have created a VM (win10) in the system URI
> >using virt-manager. I stopped the VM to edit it.
> >
> >I set my LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI="qemu:///system" and am able to read the
> >domain configuration with `EDITOR=nano virsh edit win10`. When I save
> >(ctrl+o) and exit (ctrl+x) I see the message "Domain win10 XML
> >configuration edited." as expected.
> that means libvirt successfully parsed the changed XML file.
> The elements libvirt does not parse will not appear in the changed
> configuration. Usually those should get caught by the schema validation,
> but it's not perfect.
> What were the exact changes you were trying to make?
> >However, when I run the edit command
> >again the changes do not appear to have persisted.
> >
> >I have tried starting and stopping the VM. I read that I may need to
> define
> >the domain with virsh so I did that. None of these things seem to work.
> Calling 'virsh define' with the same domain name and UUID in the XML and
> 'virsh edit' is equivalent - both call virDomainDefineXMLFlags under the
> hood.
> Jano
> >
> >I would appreciate it if someone could help me solve this issue in order
> to
> >be able to modify domains from virsh!
> >
> >Thanks in advance for any help!
> >
> >Josh
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