[libvirt-users] *-sock created as part of normal daemon startup?

Keith Bierman khbkhb at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 21:23:53 UTC 2019

As noted in another thread, I've not had success with homebrew/Mac OSX's
libvirt install.

On  Ubuntu  and CentOS virtual machines, installing "libvirt-daemon" and
friends, I end up with various "-sock" files in /var/run/libvirt. This
seems sensible.

After installing on MacOS X with homebrew

ls /usr/local/var/run/libvirt
hostdevmgr lockd qemu storage

so perhaps it isn't surprising that virsh -c vbox:/// fails.

Am I right in believing that the lack of -sock files means that the "brew
services start libvirt" is either misconfigured or otherwise failing?
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