[libvirt-users] [iGVT-g] GVT-g - suboptimal user experience

gnidorah at ya.ru gnidorah at ya.ru
Sun May 19 17:44:11 UTC 2019

So it looks like this solution is currently not very user friendly. Perhaps Intel could get Red Hat help to make first-class support of gvt feature in virt-manager?

09.05.2019, 10:28, "Gerd Hoffmann" <gerd at kraxel.org>:
>   Hi,
>>  1. Its about local display / dmabuf feature. Currently user needs to
>>  use virt-viewer tool. But virt-manager already incorporates graphical
>>  console. It would be nice if it could support accelerated gvt-g local
>>  display.
> virt-manager and virt-viewer essentially run the same code spice client
> code: both are using the spice-gtk widget. So, if that isn't working
> (didn't verify) it should be rather easy to wire up.

Currently it doesn't work. Only following methods do work: https://blog.bepbep.co/posts/gvt/

>>  Also virt-manager should allow to use mdev videocard alone, without
>>  requiring to use additional primary virtual adapter like QXL or Cirrus
> That works fine, you can just set the video card model to "none" in
> libvirt xml. Not sure whenever virt-manager allows to do that via GUI,
> maybe you have to use "virsh edit" instead.

It doesn't allow it via GUI.

>>  2. Currently with gvt solution there few mdev devices each with fixed
>>  resolution. User should be able to configure own resolutions for
>>  devices at host without additional manipulations in guest. Ideally,
>>  resolution should be dynamic and change appropriately on resize of
>>  virt-manager window
> Works. Needs cutting edge software versions though (qemu 4.0 and linux
> kernel 5.1 on the host).

Ok, I will test it with later versions someday. However I assume dynamic resolution (on window resize) is not supported?

>>  3. This is about windows guest and VM configured with UEFI (OVMF)
>>  instead of BIOS. I head its about dropping OpRegion dependency in
>>  Windows guest driver to support that configuration
> That one is for intel to answer ...
> cheers,
>   Gerd

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