[libvirt-users] [iGVT-g] GVT-g - suboptimal user experience

Gerd Hoffmann gerd at kraxel.org
Mon May 20 05:52:24 UTC 2019


> >>  2. Currently with gvt solution there few mdev devices each with fixed
> >>  resolution. User should be able to configure own resolutions for
> >>  devices at host without additional manipulations in guest. Ideally,
> >>  resolution should be dynamic and change appropriately on resize of
> >>  virt-manager window
> >
> > Works. Needs cutting edge software versions though (qemu 4.0 and linux
> > kernel 5.1 on the host).
> Ok, I will test it with later versions someday. However I assume dynamic resolution (on window resize) is not supported?

It is dynamic.


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