Cannot create vm with machine type raspi2b

Niccolò Belli darkbasic at
Sat Oct 22 09:45:43 UTC 2022

Hi, I'm trying to use virt-manager to create a Raspberry Pi 2 virtual 
machine on my Talos 2 ppc64le workstation.
In virt-manager I click on "New", then "Manual install", architecture 
"arm" and machine type "raspi2b".
Next I set either "Generic or unknown OS" or "Debian 11" as operating 
system, I keep the default 1024 memory and 1 cpu and then I disable 
storage for this virtual machine (because I want to use an existing 
image with direct kernel boot, see
I check "Customize configuration before install" and I click "Finish".

Unfortunately I get the following error:

Error starting installation: Did not find any UEFI binary path for arch 

So I've decided to start from scratch and select "virt" as machine type 
instead of "raspi2b" and change it back later.
With "virt" I manage to reach the configuration overview before the 
installation begins.

At this point I have three options for Firmware:
UEFI armv7l:/usr/share/qemu/edk2-arm-code.fd

UEFI is the default and if I change the machine type to raspi2b I still 
have the same three options (/usr/share/qemu/edk2-arm-code.fd does 
indeed exist in my file system).

Unfortunately clicking on "Begin Installation" leads me to yet another 

Unable to complete install: 'internal error: Required option 'modelName' 
is not set for PCI controller with index '1', model 'pcie-root-port' and 
modelName 'none''

If I change the machine type back to "virt" I don't get any error.

I'm using app-emulation/qemu 7.1.0, app-emulation/libvirt-8.8.0 and 
virt-manager-4.1.0 on Gentoo Linux ppc64le with a 4K page size kernel.

Niccolo' Belli

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