Predictable and consistent net interface naming in guests

Edward Haas edwardh at
Mon Oct 31 14:32:27 UTC 2022

Hi Igor and Laine,

I would like to revive a 2 years old discussion [1] about consistent network
interfaces in the guest.

That discussion mentioned that a guest PCI address may change in two cases:
- The PCI topology changes.
- The machine type changes.

Usually, the machine type is not expected to change, especially if one
wants to allow migrations between nodes.
I would hope to argue this should not be problematic in practice, because
guest images would be made per a specific machine type.

Regarding the PCI topology, I am not sure I understand what changes
need to occur to the domxml for a defined guest PCI address to change.
The only think that I can think of is a scenario where hotplug/unplug is
but even then I would expect existing devices to preserve their PCI address
and the plug/unplug device to have a reserved address managed by the one
acting on it (the management system).

Could you please help clarify in which scenarios the PCI topology can cause
a mess to the naming of interfaces in the guest?

Are there any plans to add the acpi_index support?


Thank you,
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