any advantage to using pool type glusterfs if no GFAPI

W Kern wkmail at
Fri Oct 6 20:23:18 UTC 2023

I have used fuse mounted gluster with 'dir' for years. Works great, 
aside from  having to use the --unsafe flag on migrations.

I am building up a new system  and wondering if using the glusterfs type 
would be a better/safer choice.

I'm not concerned about gfapi (host is U22LTS so I'm not even sure if it 
has it).

I'm not concerned about the automount feature as that happens on start 
up anyway.

I'm more interested if there is any technical or performance reasons to 
prefer 'glusterfs' pool type over 'dir'

of course not having the --unsafe flag would be nice, but thats all 
scripted in anyway.


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