[Linux-cluster] [ANNOUNCE] Linux Cluster Infrastructure BOF at Linux Kongress

Daniel Phillips phillips at redhat.com
Wed Sep 1 18:37:47 UTC 2004

There will be a Linux Cluster Infrastructure BOF at Linux Kongress in 
Erlangen, Germany, thursday 2004-09-09 or friday 2004-09-10.  The exact 
day, time and room number to be posted here:


This will be round three of the Linux cluster infrastructure community 
effort.  Rounds one and two were at OLS and Minneapolis, respectively.  
A summary of the latter is available here:


The story so far: We all agree that the time has come to establish a 
kernel infrastructure for cluster filesystems, which will also be 
useable by user space applications.  Or at least, most of us agree 
about that.  At Minneapolis we parted on the understanding that we 
would all read code and find out why (or why not) the GFS kernel 
support infrastructure can serve the needs of cluster systems beyond 
GFS, including other cluster filesystems, user space cluster 
applications, and the Single System Image project.


Last time, Red Hat engineers outnumbered Suse engineers by roughly ten 
to one.  The Linux Kongress BOF therefore presents an opportunity to 
redress that imbalance.



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