[Linux-cluster] Multicast ccsd

Lazar Obradovic laza at yu.net
Wed Sep 1 21:52:27 UTC 2004


thanks for mcast support in ccsd. 

However, it seems that you have forgoten to set mcast_ttl for a socket,
so mcast wouldn't have any sence, since mcast with ttl == 1 is same as
broadcast for many networks. 

All you have to do is just add something like: 
char ttl = 10; 

if (setsockopt(sfd, IPPROTO_IP, IP_MULTICAST_TTL, 
    &ttl, sizeof (ttl) < 0 )) {
    log_err("Unable to set mcast ttl.\n");
    error = -errno;
    goto fail;

ttl could be defined somewhere outside join_group(), or ever fetched
from argv, which also goes for cman_tool. 

Also, try not to use, as it is reserved, so we might get
into trouble with default values. is reserved for all mcast
capable hosts, so even non-cluster members (potential or not) would get
ccsd announcements. 

We might even request one mcast address to be assigned for linux-cluster
project, so we can officialy use it. 

btw, to all developers: it was so uncool to remove 2.6.7 kernel patch :( has a problem with tg3 driver (some autonegotiation issues), so
it's completly unusable.

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