[Linux-cluster] GFS and EMC's powerpath

Darren Jacobs darren.jacobs at utoronto.ca
Wed Dec 14 05:17:43 UTC 2005

In prepping to install GFS 6.0 on a cluster of three RHEL 3, Update6 web 
servers attached to an EMC AX100.  I've run into some weirdness with EMC 
powerpath 4.3.4. 

If I have more than one server attached to the single virtual disk (i.e. 
LUN) I created on the array powerpath doesn't put the pseudo device 
(empowerb) into the partition table (as seen by doing a cat 
/proc/partitions).  If I only have single server attached/registered to 
the virtual disk the pseudo device does get placed in the partition table.

I can get the EMC pseudo device into the partition table of all three 
servers only by attaching and then detaching each server as I install 
powerpath.  Then I can attach the other two servers and things seem to 
work fine...until I reboot one of the boxes.  It then drops the emc 
pseudo device from the partition table again.

Anyone run into similar problems?


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