[Linux-cluster] 3 questions

Yazan Al-Sheyyab yazan at ccs.com.jo
Wed Jan 12 18:03:48 UTC 2005

hi,    I have 3 question :

1- should i setup the temporary directory for GFS configuration files 
     on the two nodes or only on one node ?

2- and if on the two nodes, should i run the :
      ( ccs_tool create.... ) command on the two nodes or only from one ?


3- I have two members , and have build the cluster.ccs file as follow:

  cluster {
   name = "oracluster"
   lock_gulm {
         servers = [ "orat1"]

  should i put the two members in the servers line or only 
  the first ( because the document example is about 4 nodes 
  and it had put only the first 3 nodes name)

   is that true or what ???????????//


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